Targeted Real-Time Event Distribution


Replace or add functionality with ease


Easy ScaleOut over P2P or Azure built-in




Modular storage that enables you to store data whereever you want


Modular authorization & authentication

Targeted Event Distribution

Push messages to specific clients quick & easy

Developer license

Get a FREE developer license today!

Runs everywhere

The server can be hosted pretty much anywhere, so you can run it on a micro-controller such as RaspberryPi, in the cloud as a service or on a regular server. It is all up to you!

Connects Anything

Any hardware/software can be connected as long as TCP/IP is available. Once again the modularity provides you with any options since you can connect everything regardless of protocol.

Focus on your business

Save time and money by rapidly solving complex communication scenarios. XSockets has an easy API that abstracts away all the complex things in full-duplex targeted real-time communication. You can focus on business value instead of low level communication issues.

Excellent support

The framework is easy to use, but if you need guidance & support our team is here to help you.

What people say about XSockets.NET

We evaluated many Socket Systems, but we had specific requirements which other systems would not meet. Not only was XSockets a prefect match for us, but the support and dedication of the development group XSockets was above the call of duty. I would recommend anyone to seriously consider XSockets.
John Rossitter Director of Software Development at Landpoint
​Using XSockets at the development phase was smooth and quick, with useful C# / JavaScript documentations and above all – the helpful, super-fast responses from the XSocket team. After more than a year with XSockets, I can say that we get amazing performance, great control over the process, zero problems and maximum flexibility.
Paz Biber CloudUI Team Leader at CloudShare
XSockets.NET is a complete solution for real-time application development. It's stable, fast, and truly real time.
Chris Bannon Product Manager for Wijmo at ComponentOne
APEX needed a real time integration between ours websites and core application server and we chose XSockets to help us with this. We are a JavaScript and C# house so the integration on both ends was seamless. XSockets readability, flexibility and speed has helped us launch new products that our customers love.
Ben Levy President at APEX Communications
We have been testing a trial license for a couple of months on our .NET development environment, integrating windows services, desktop applications and a web backoffice application. Everything works like a charm, with very low resources use on our servers and excellent performance. The support and excellent documentation gives us much confidence in what we finally offer to our own clients.
Allan Gubbins Solution Manager at Solex

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